HTTPPic.pngLibraries can no longer afford to serve their patrons exclusively within the physical walls of their buildings.
Now, more than ever, students and patrons seek information from our virtual libraries.

How is your library's presence reflected in its "space" on the W.W.W.?

- Is the link to the library (or center) easy-to-access within the school's navigation menu?
- Does the library/media center website feature activities realted to students' learning experiences?
- Are new books promoted? Are suggested resources/services featured?
- Can the library's vision be identified? Can the policies and procedures be accessed?
- What pairings are provided that link print selections to electronic resources?
- Consider the audience: Are resources available for students, teachers, parents, and colleagues?

Secondary Level Example:
University High School
UHigh Student Book Club Facebook
UHigh Library's Shelfari Page
UHigh Library's

Clever Components:

Looking for lost books? See the eye-catching way Brenda Thompson prompted her students to be "on the look-out":


Joyce Valenza recently coordinated the construction of a wiki to showcase examples of effective school library websites: