Lights, Camera, Action!


High-Tech Tools: Advanced Video Making

Video production is...well...a production...but the process and product can be great motivators for
reluctant readers. Through a combination of multiple software applications (high tech) and a rigged green cloth (low tech), students are empowered to become producers, directors, and actors of engaging multimedia experiences. The initial investment of time spent "fiddling" with the software applications and equipment can yield tremendous, long-term enthusiasm for literary endeavors.

Microsoft's Movie Maker continues to be a terrific (...and FREE!) video production application...but what happens when your students want to use the grounds of Hogwarts as a discussion backdrop? Lose the tempera paint and grab a mouse...Adobe's Visual Communicator 3is the solution!

Video Production Tips for Students:
Adobe's Digital Kids Club

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Watch the Rebecca Caudill Nominee "Teasers" Created by Fifth Grade Students:
M.V.P. by Doug Evans
Shakespeare's Secret by Elise Broach

Watch the A-Z Video Created by a Kindergarten Class after Enjoying Alphabet Books:
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Watch the Persuasive Adlai Stevenson Video Created for Local and State Politicians:
Part 1: Adlai Stevenson's Local Contributions