Online Book Communities

The spirit of Web 2.0 has lent itself well to books and reading. Online book communities like BiblioNasium, Shelfari and Goodreads allow readers to share books with each other, make recommendations, and keep track of reading. Sites like these can be used with children and teens to encourage them to talk about and share what they are reading, even when they don't have time to talk face-to-face.

How can I use online book communities in my library?
  • Create an online bookshelf for your library where you display new books, recommended books, etc.
  • Create a "personal" online bookshelf for yourself and allow students to friend or follow you so they know what you've been reading.
  • Encourage teachers to create online bookshelves and share with students.
  • Use discussion board functions to create a friendly online space for book discussion, formal or informal.
  • Booktalk to your students from your online bookshelf.
  • Ask student to do quickie book talks from their own shelves.
  • Use a site like BiblioNasium to create online book groups, set challenges, etc.

Promoting Online Sharing with Children & Teens


Educators: Meet your digital students on their turf.

Inspire book discovery and book talk.

Students easily share book reviews and recommendations.

Effortlessly manage & monitor reading lists and reading challenges.

It’s no muss no fuss when your students’ reading logs go digital.
Click here to go to Biblionasium
Click here to go to Biblionasium


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UHigh Library Shelfari Page - use Shelfari to share new books and upcoming titles with students

Anita's Shelfari Account (shared with students) - use Shelfari to let students know what you've been reading

Bookmatch Lesson Plan: Bookmatch Lesson [A lesson plan created by Brenda Thompson for helping student select books and use Shelfari to share what they're reading. The lesson is written for third through fifth grade students, but it could easily be adapted for older audiences.]

Booktalking with Shelfari
Want to try something new for your next booktalk? After creating a library Shelfari account (or use your own), share your shelf with the class using an LCD projector & screen. Let the students chose books of the shelf they want to hear about. For each book they chose, provide a brief hook and summary. Even better: use an interactive whiteboard and let the students chose a book by approaching the board and tapping the cover.

Additional Online Bookshelves


Library Thing:
"Enter 200 books for free, as many as you like for $10 (year) or $25 (life.)"

**Amy's Online Catalog at Library Thing** - use LibraryThing to tag books used for specific lessons or units.

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