Reading 2.0 For the 1.0 Librarian
In your mind, does a "video" still involve film? Are your "slides" still edged in cardboard? If you're a 1.0 librarian in a 2.0 world, but willing to learn, this session is for you! We'll start with the most basic Reading 2.0 ideas and answer questions about using technology to promote reading in your library. Bring your own laptop to the session, surt to our Reading 2.0 wiki and explore step-by-step researouces that unite literacy and technology skills. Don't have a laptop? Come anyway and follow along with us!

Reading 2.0 and the Upgraded Librarian
Are you a tech savvy librarian looking for new ideas for using technology in your library? Game to try anything new if it will get kids reading? We'll investigate new technology resources and discuss your ideas for using web tools to promote reading in the library. This session will also highlight ways interactive white boards can be used to facilitate library routines and instruction. We invite you to bring your own laptop to this session and participate in a "live, virtual swap" of Reading 2.0 ideas.

Today's Meet
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