Many authors maintain a constant web presence by keeping their own blogs. You can follow their blogs to keep up-to-date on what's happening with their books, new writings and book tours.


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Elementary Example: McKillop Library
Secondary Example: "Royal Reads"



For a constant feed of Children's & YA lit news, Twitter is your tool. Follow your favorite authors, publishers and bloggers on Twitter.

This is just a small sampling of those who tweet.

Libraries & Publishers
Bloggers & Reviewers
Young Adult Authors

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"The Zooming Presentation Editor"
Secondary Example:
Anna Zaitzeff's Maximum Ride Prezi

"Twittering the first lines of kids' books so you don't have to."
Every morning we'll post the first line of a young adult or children's book here at The trick is that we don't tell you what the book is or who the author is. To find out, you have to click the link to be taken to the book's page on Amazon.
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