PlayawaySets.jpgIf creating your own podcast seems daunting, consider meeting your auditory learnes' needs with Playaways. A Playaway is a self-playing, digital audiobook constructed from "droppable" plastic. The unit can be worn from a lanyard and is about half the size of a deck of cards. It can also be used in conjunction with a basic pair of speakers, as well as a multi-prong headphone jack (see below pictures).

Playaways feature book selections for kindergarten students through adults, with prices ranging from $34.99 to over $99.99. K-12 schools cannot order from the website listed above; instead, Playaway endorses two vendors:

Follett Library Resources 1,200+ titles
Phone: 888.511.5114
Follett Library Resources
Follett Educational Services


Recorded Books K-12 650+ different titles
Phone: 800.638.1304
Recorded Books’ Website

Getting Started
Sample parent/student contract
(with specialty fonts); (preserved formatting)

Photo Gallery
Oakland Elementary School's Expanding Audio Collection

Large, Inviting Signage
Picture Book & CD Bags for K-3 Students
Chapter Book & Playaway Pair for Gr. 4-5 Students
Playaways are Displayed Side-by-Side Print Books

Stretching Your Dollars: Sharing One Playaway with Multiple Listeners

Pair a Playaway with a Laptop & Speakers
Use a Headphone Splitter: 1 for Speakers; 1 for the Playaway
Belkin's "Rockstar" (only $19.99) Allows for 5, Simultaneous Listeners