Music Playlists
Music is a huge part of being a teen. Music can enhance the reading experience by setting the mood for the book or by adding an audio component to reading. Many teens listen to music while reading, so why not encourage them to listen to these author generated playslists?

What do I do with a playlist?
  • Play the songs in your library. Put the featured book on display on your circulation desk or in another high-traffic area with a sign that says "Now Playing."
  • Create bookmarks with song titles & artists and place them in the book or incorporate them into a book display
  • Post them on your library website
  • Have a contest for students to create their own. They have to explain/justify why they picked these songs to go with that book.

external image if_i_stay_gayle_forman_book_cover.jpg
Create Your Own Playlist
There are several online playlist sites. Use one like or Spotify to compose your own playlist, or encourage students to compile a playlist.

Sample Playlists
Many authors create playlists to go with their books, or share music they listened to while they were writing, to set the mood. Here are some samples.

external image oscar.jpg
Video Playlists
Use the Youtube Playlist function to create your own video playlists.
  • Create playlists of the book trailers for all of an author's works.
  • Create a playlist of the book trailers for all the nominees for your state's Reader's Choice awards.
  • Create playlists of book trailers for instant book talks - students can access them when you aren't available!

Program Idea!
Gretchen Zaiteff hosted a Book Trailers Academy Awards event for her book group at University High School. She chose 28 book trailers and put them all in a YouTube playlist. She divided the titles into categories, such as "suspense," "romance" and "dystopian fiction." Students viewed the trailers, munched on Oscar shaped chocolates, then voted on the winners. The increase in circulation made all the titles box office hits!