​Welcome to Oakland Elementary School's Library Media Center!

The computer lab has 28 student work stations, one station for teacher/projection demonstrations, and a second computer devoted to video production.
Elementary Computer Lab (Within Library)

This is a closer look at the Video Production Corner of the Library Media Center. The "driver computer" is connected to a projection device; the cart was purchased online through Education Works. The green screen, stand, and clamps were purchased on eBay for less than $100.00. A track of three can lights runs along the ceiling about five feet away from the screen.
Green Screen and Driver for Projector

The digital camcorder seen below is mounted on an inexpensive tripod. The camera's tape is actually "fast forwarded" to the END to work with the green screen software.
Camcorder and Tripod

The most important attribute of the camcorder is its compatibility with a "firewire." The firewire leaves the camcorder and then...
Firewire Going OUT

..."talks" to the computer through the firewire port in the back of the PC tower.
Firewire Connection to Back of PC

The Adobe Visual Communicator 3 software is so powerful (and demanding) that the district's technology department recommends a computer be designated for its use.
Powerful PC with Adobe's Visual Communicator 3 Software

Two monitors are needed, but one does not necessarily need to be of high quality. The monitor used as a student teleprompter was purchased at WALMART for approximately $100.00.
Two Monitors: One for Producer; One for Actor(s)' Teleprompter

The "icing on the cake" is to complete a production area with a feedback destroyer (to remove background noise), microphones/stands, and a pair of high-quality speakers.
Extra Components: Feedback Destroyer, Microphones, and Speakers