SMARTArea.JPGInteractivity reaches new heights when students use the tactile sense to
explore literature and library skills.

SMART Boardsare revolutionizing the processes of teaching and learning.
Need to build a case to get them funded within your school?
Download SMART's latest Notebook software (version 11) for a 30-day free trial. Experiment with one of the files below to craft an interactive expoerience for your students.

SMART's™ Download Page

NewNote.jpgAmy has created a separate wiki--including a "lesson library" of downloadable files--that features Tips & Tricks for utilizing Interactive Whiteboards in the Library Media Center setting.

Library Skills Samples:
(SMART Notebook file)
(SMART Notebook file)
(SMART Notebook file, v. 9.7*)
*Sincere thanks to Kristen Foley, Grade 3 Teacher, Oakland Elementary School, for sharing this activity.

Book Talk Samples:
(PowerPoint file)
(SMART Notebook file)

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