SocialBookmarks.pngSocial Bookmarking is a method for Internet users to store, organize, search, and manage bookmarks of web pages on the Internet with the help of metadata*.

To use a social bookmarking site, simply open an account and begin "tagging" your bookmarks. Some sites, like, provide buttons to install within your Internet's browser. Using these buttons, you can "bookmark" the web address without leaving the site.

To promote reading, use your library's social bookmarking page to tag author sites, blogs, online book groups, and information sources on popular nonfiction topics. Share the login with students to invite them to add bookmarks to the page.

Questions about Social Bookmarking?
Watch this video: Social Bookmarking in Plain English

Some Social Bookmarking Sites

Symbaloo: A Social Bookmarking Web Mix
Symbaloo is a highly visual bookmarking site that may appeal to students. Use Online Children's Books Mix or Recommended YA Books Mix as inspiration.
  • Create a mix of children's books dealing with emotions
  • A mix of YA books that include road trips
  • All the newest titles in your library

Using a social bookmarking site for research and reading promotion:
University High School:

Taming the Beast: Social Bookmarking

*This revised definition was contributed by wikispaces member bob2008; view his source.